We Buy Books

Welcome to my Bookstore.

In addition to selling books, I also buy  books. I'd be pleased to  evaluate your books; from a single volume to a complete library, and provide other biblio services. There is no charge for a consultation, and I will give you my best advice on how to monetize your valued material.

  • Evaluations: Whether you have one family antiquarian book or an entire library, I can help you determine its market value. This information can be used for insurance purposes, legacy gifting, deaccession, or just your curiosity.
  • I will help you determine the best, and most appropriate sales channel for the maximum amount of value. Sometimes that may be eBay...and sometimes it might be Christie's Auction.
  • Depending upon your collection, we can also work together on a consignment basis. I will take the responsibility of marketing and selling your items, and we share the profits.
  • And of course, we may just agree together that it is best for me to purchase your book(s) outright.
If you are ever in Portland, please come by for a visit...and you can meet my bookstore cat, Tony.

Thank you for considering me to assist in any of your book and paper ephemera requirements.  Please call or email and we can start a conversation.


Ed Markiewicz