Presidents Day - 2019

Our third annual Presidents' Day Catalog includes books and ephemera from J.Q. Adams to W. J. Clinton. Cover art by Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman.

Americana, Politics, & Culture

20 Recently acquired items of unique interest. The featured item is an1828 letter from John W. Webster, defendant in the 1849 "Crime of the Century", the murder of Dr. Francis Parkman

Bill Mauldin Collection - Veterans Day 2018

A lifetime collection of Books, Cartoons, and Ephemera from the greatest editorial cartoonist of The Greatest Generation...Bill Mauldin

Ida Tarbell

Six books from America's first and eminent female investigative journalist and biographer.

Presidents and Politicians Sept 2018

We are in the window of election season...this catalog celebrates successful politicians and American History.

Archives of: Arthur H. Clark Company (Vol 3)

An archive of letters written to Arthur Clark by some of the most renown Americans from every professioanl discipline.

Rocky Mountain Book Fair 2018

Recent acquisitions in the field of Presidents, Famous Americans, and Natural History and the Audubon Family