Archives of: Arthur H. Clark Company

An archive of a collection of letters between authors and their publisher at the Arthur H. Clark Company from "Jesuit Relations" to first personal historical journals of the American West.

Photos, Gravures, & Recent Acquistions

Unique books of Photograph Importance along with Presidential  and Political items.

Machines, Tools, Screws & Nut(s)

From the Golden Age of American Manufacturing, a colleciton of databooks, catalogs. illustrations, tables  and instructions.

President's Day 2018

A collection of 23 recently acquired Presidential Books and Ephemera

Presidents, First Ladies and Contenders (Vol II)

An e-Catalog of unique and quality items of historical personalities who have reached the top of their game in American politics

Catalog of 3's - Part II

Welcome to "A Catalog of 3's Part II". Curated mini-collections of three historical, political or societal figures and the books they wrote. All Signed or Inscribed.

Catalog of 3s - Part 1

Curated mini-collections of 3 modern day political figures and the books they wrote and signed. Their stories provide encourage-ment and advice to our nation as well as a memoir of their contributions to history.

History for Under $100, Alex

A diverse assemblage of unique historical books and ephemera at an affordable price...and fun to read!