Item #3099 Typed Letter Signed (TLS). Pat Schroeder.

Typed Letter Signed (TLS)

Washington DC: May 6, 1991. 8.5" x 11", 1 pp Fine, SIGNED in blue felt tip pen, with her iconic smiley face in the loop of the "P" in her name. Includes autograph note, "Fight on - Hope to see you soon!"

Pat Scott Schroeder was the first female Representative from the state of Colorado, and stayed for 12 terms. She was an early proponent of women's issues, including family maternity leave, child care, and supportive policy issues. Schroeder coined the famous phrase "Teflon President" to describe Ronald Reagan.

Dale Tooley was a politician, Attorney General, who ran for Mayor of Denver three times and lost all ofl them. He was never deterred and positively looked forward to the potential of his city, before dying from brain cancer at 54. Fine. Item #3099

"Velma & Will: Thank you for your note on the Dale Tooley Award. 'Time is the great physician,' Disraeli told us. I suspect Dale Tooley would agree. Sincerely /s/ Pat [Schroeder] Congresswoman"

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