Land Grant to Eau Claire Lumber Company. Andrew Johnson.

Land Grant to Eau Claire Lumber Company

Washington DC: General Land Office, July 1, 1868. Secretarial SIGNED by James Cowan. Attractive Land Grant, 16" x 10", with an imprint of a Harvest in the top left corner and General Seal of the United States affixed to the lower left. Printed and completed with strong calligraphic details. Two vertical fold lines through document, light browning along some edges, top left corner creased. Grant assigns 150 acres in Massachusettes to the Eau Claire Lumber Company. Fine looking manuscript. Item #54

In April 1867 President Andrew Johnson appointed the 22-year-old Cowan, son of Pennsylvania Senator Edgar Cowan, as his personal secretary for managing land patents. He worked for Johnson for the next year and a half, then opened his own law practice in Washington after Ulysses S. Grant succeeded Johnson.

Price: $360.00

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