Item #455 1968 Campaign Ephemera. Hubert Humphrey.

1968 Campaign Ephemera

Nine [9] pieces of paper items relating to Hubert Humphrey's 1968 campaign as the Democratic Candidate for President. [1] Two Humphrey - Muskie bumper stickers [2] 17" x 11" folded in half and then in mailing thirds outlining Humphrey's platform position from United Democrats for Humphrey [2] Two 3.5" x 8.5" 16 pp. detailing Humphrey's Program: "To Extend...the Promise of American Society" [3] 8.5" x 11" with landscape fold red, white and blue "A Look at the Record" published by AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education [4] Window Sticker in the shape of America promoting Humphrey by Retail Clerks Union [5] "The Case for Hubert Humphrey" by Gus Tyler, Assistant President of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. All items Very good to Fine. Item #455

"I reject the idea that we have to be two nations, black and white...or two nations, North and South...or two nations, rich and poor. No responsible person wants that. There is a vast silent group of Americans - a majority of many millions - that wants to make this country work."

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