Typed Letter Signed with Secretarial Copy. Eleanor Roosevelt.
Typed Letter Signed with Secretarial Copy.

Typed Letter Signed with Secretarial Copy.

The White House: September 29, 1938. Unique inclusion of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's Signed Note and a hand written transcription by her secretary. Includes mailing envelope, posted Oct 2, 1938 from New York. .6" x 9.25, on The White House stationary, slight impression from paper clip at top left, usual two mailing folds.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (Oct 11, 1884 – Nov 7, 1962) was the wife of President Franklin Roosevelt and served as First Lady from '33 to '45. She was a force of influence in her own right. She was the U.S. Delegate to the United Nations from '45 to '52. Benjamin Sumner Welles (Oct 14, 1892 – Sept 24, 1961) was an American government official and diplomat in the Foreign Service. He was a major foreign policy adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and served as Under Secretary of State from '36 to '43. It is characteristic of Lady Eleanor that she would impose on one of the president's most trusted advisors for a personal favor of a citizen. Item #440

"Dear Miss Neville: I am enclosing a letter of introduction to Mr. Sumner Welles. I know, however, that he is extremely busy at this time, and it may be that he cannot see you very soon. Very sincerely yours, /S/ Eleanor Roosevelt."

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