Item #3149 Manuscript Civil War Diary. Maltre Davis.
Manuscript Civil War Diary

Manuscript Civil War Diary

Virginia: 1864. Leather bound with flaps and pockets in both front and rear. Daily pocket diary 1864, 3" x 6", First 22 pp. are pre-printed with monthly astrological and tide tables, Railroad Distances and Stamp duties. Diary records events from January 1 - August 29th, three days per page, entries 1/1 through 4/1 in pen, the balance of entries in pencil, about 90% of days in this period have an entry. Original owner's name, Maltre Davis (54 Dorm / Barton St. Georgetwon) on rear page. Diarist appears to be a junior officer, likely a CPT, and possibly had a law degree was a six month volunteer in the 1st Vermont Infantry Regiment. He commanded a company at the battle of Petersburg, VA. Very good, buffs. scrapes, inner tear. Item #3149

Sample of entries:
1/2- At Burlington, Vt. Stayed at American House saw Capt Starts battery mustered in, made a speach to his company.
1/7 - I pass the day in making muster rolls for nine of my company who have reenlisted
1/11 - Officers of the regiment met at Capt (?) tent and made up a purse of $105.00 and presented it to Col Pingree in consideration of his loss yesterday as a toke of our respect and esteem.
1/11 - 2/8 - Details picket duty and officer of the day duty
2/9 - "Detailed as member of Gen. Court Martial but have no meeting today.
2/10 - 3/7 - Records of court martials, duty officer and camp activity.
3/8 - "Spend the time in making Monthly Returns for the month of Feb. Have for the fist time a clerk. S. G. Clough.
3/21 - "Gen. Grant come to the army today. Weather cold and rainey'
4/6 - "Built chimney over on the end of the tent. Recieved detail at 3" Rgt. as judge advocat of a Gen. Court Martial. Reported to Maj. Mundee ant 5 P.M. Saw Gen. Getty.
4/30 - "Left camp at 8 1/2 A.M. on surgeons pass for Gen Hosp...reached Washington D. C. 8 P.M.ordered to Seminary Hosp. but pass would mon admit us. Stayed at Hosp. overnight.
5/27 - "Marched to Chancerville and returned to within five miles of Fredricksburg, but received orders at 12 at night to march to a new camp'
5/30 - "Recieved orders to march to White House but lay in camp all day. Recieved orders from Col McGee to go by boat"
6/2 - "Stayed overnight 6 miles from the White House. and passed out and landed at the White House at 10 AM Reported to Capt Stanley +the Provost Martial and was assigned to command of 113"
6/3 - Am guard of 600 prisoners with 225 men under my command. Relived at 6 P.M. and returned to camp.
6/9 - "Recieve 6 hundred more prisoners under my charge and guard them until 12 AM with 50 men.
6/17 - "Marched all day and reached our front line at Petersburg at 5 P.M> and relieved the 18th (?) Corps. We have a fine position and a decided advantage over our enemy Our lin is 1 1/2 miles from the city."
6/18 - "Fighting al day: we have gained much ground and have our lines at both flanks resting on the river. the City is closely invested. The Vermont 1st brig has been left in reserve.'
6/21 - "Have been under fire all day. One man of my company wounded..."
7/4 - "Find ourselves at the mouth of the Potomac..."
7/18 - "Received 2 months pay. Could not get transportation. Two years ago today I received my degree at Cambridge. Left Washington for Baltimore at 9 P.M.
8/24 - Bought Mr. Harveys Library and hired his office for one year. Started for home at 12 P.M.

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