Item #283 Abraham Lincoln Association Papers (16 Vols)

Abraham Lincoln Association Papers (16 Vols)

Springfield, IL: Printed by R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co., The Lakeside Press, Chicago, 1924 - 1940. First Edition. Light blue paper with 1/8 linen spine and paper labels for each year. 1924: Introduction: Logan Hay; The House of the House Divided: Henry A. Converse; Lincoln as a World Figure: Andrew C. McLaughlin. 1925: A. Lincoln: His House: A. L. Bowen; The Education of Abraham Lincoln: John H. Finley. 1926: The Building of the Lincoln Movement: Paul L. Angle; The Revelation of Lincoln to a Serbian Immigrant: Michael Pupin. 1927: Where Lincoln Practiced Law: Paul M. Angle; Lincoln’s Last Struggle—Victory?: William E. Dodd. 1928: Abraham Lincoln: Circuit Lawyer: Paul M. Angle; Abraham Lincoln & the South: Arthur Charles Cole. 1929: Springfield of the Lincolns: Mary E. Humphrey; Lincoln & Douglas: Claude G. Bowers. 1930: Lincoln & the Press: John Callan O’Laughlin; Lincoln’s Plans for Reunion: Allan Nevins. 1931: Lincoln’s Genius of Places: Carl Sandburg; The Universality of Lincoln: Henry Horner. 1932: Lincoln, the Constitutional Lawyer: John Maxcy Zane; The Environs of Lincoln’s Youth: Louis A. Warren. 1933: The Spiritual Life of Lincoln: An Interpretation: Joseph Fort Newton; Lincoln & the Courts: Benjamin P. Thomas. 1934: The Promise of the First Republican Administration: Abraham Lincoln, 1860: Frederic L. Paxson; Lincoln’s Power with Words, Paul M. Angle. 1935: Lincoln & the Campaign of 1864: Tyler Dennett; Lincoln’s Humor: An Analysis: Benjamin P. Thomas. 1936: Lincoln, the Constitution & Democracy: Andrew C. McLaughlin; A Philosopher Looks at Lincoln: T. V. Smith. 1937: The Persistent Personality of Lincoln: Harold C. Jaquith; My Recollections of Lincoln: Charles Nagel. 1938: Abraham Lincoln, Commander-In-Chief: John McAuley Palmer; Let us have Faith that Right makes Might: Evan A. Evans. 1926, Abrasion on back, 1927 abrasion on front and back, 1931 bookplate of Johh H. King, 1933 Pencil autograph of 7 members including Lucy Hay, 1934 Abrasion across middle front, autograph of 11 members in pencil, 1935 bookplate of John King, 1936 pencil autograph of 4 members, 1937 small indent at bottom center front, 1938 10 autographs of members in pencil, 1940 Letter laid in from Henry Pratt, Executive Secretary. / not present. Item #283

Fine complete set of annual papers delivered under the leadership of Logan Hay who served as president during these years. Rarely found available on the market as a complete and quality collectible set.xxz.

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