Item #2153 Presidential Military Commission. Andrew Jackson.

Presidential Military Commission

February 22nd, 1837. 19" x 27", partially printed document on vellum with two attractive engravings: one of a menacing eagle at the top with "E Pluribus Unum" scroll and a variation of the military landscape of weapons, flags and military imagery. This is an appoint of Albemarle Cady to First Lieutenant, in the Sixth Regiment of Infantry. Document bears the impressive, 6" signature of President Andrew Jackson with an underline flourish that flows off the page. Also signing is B. D. Bolton (ad interim Secretary of War), also handwritten (in red ink) Rec. Vol. 8, page 556, Adj. Gen. Office (with signature in black ink underneath), top left corner. Attached is the US War Office seal, remnants of red coloration present, two chipped teeth. Vertical and horizontal fold lines, some edge browning from age.

Benjamin Franklin Butler (1795 ? 1858) was a prominent lawyer from the state of New York. He was a professional and political ally of Martin Van Buren. Among the many elective and appointive positions he held were the 12th Attorney General of the United States followed by the Attorney for the Southern District of New York in Van Buren's administration. He was also a founder of New York University. In the last six months of Jackson's presidency he also served as interim Secretary of War, hence his signature on this document.

Albemarle Cady (1807 ? 1888) was a career United States Army officer who served in the Second Seminole War, Mexican?American War, First Sioux War and the American Civil War. He graduated from both the Norwich Military Academy and West Point in 1829, unpon which he was commissioned a 2nd LT. During the Civil War, he was lieutenant colonel of the 7th Infantry Regiment. He then served in administrative positions in the Department of the Pacific, including the District of Oregon. He retired from the Regular Army as a colonel on May 18, 1864. Pres. Andrew Johnson nominated and was Senate confirmed as a brevet brigadier general in the Regular Army. This was over a 37 year military career. Briefly, from 1861 - '71, Camp Cady in the Mojave Desert was named after him. Fine, eminently framable to grace any wall. Item #2153

"It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes." - Andrew Jackson.

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