Item #2146 21 Handwritten Letters. Russell Cody.

21 Handwritten Letters

Camp Parks, CA: 1944. Excellent war time archive of letters from U. S. Seabee Russell Cody to his wife Peggie in Bridgeport, CT. 6.25" x 10.25" mostly on stationary with colorful Seabees letterhead, 1 from SF USO. Included are most the original transmittal envelopes. Handwriting is neat and legible. Cody was stationed at Camp Parks. The first letter, as noted by his wife was "Rcv'd D-Day June 6th". Mouch of the communication is routine; Sailors feelings about being away, work and free-time activities, the weather, professing his love and longing for his wife. However, every letter notes something about the Allies post D-Day advance into Germany or Japan, including information about: Paratroopers, FDR and the invasion, bombing Japan, B-29s, The Japanese Fleet, the Russian front, "killing" Hitler, Saipan, Advancing through Belgium and more contemporaneous commentary on war events. Very good to fine. Item #2146

"It looks as though German is bursting apart now with the officers revolting + trying to kill Hitler", July 22, '44. "Darling, if I should be lucky enough to get in ship's co. here + could find a little apartment nearby, would you come out here to live with me?" "Russia is smashing at the Germans + routing them, + the big push is on in Normandy. "Well, they are still giving the Germans hell, + they must be panicky witht paratroopers behind them. That surely is a tough + dangerous assignment. "By the way, according to the number of gals having their hair cut off, plenty of those women were doing all right by Germans." "...the Jap fleet has come out to fight at last...Maybe they'll invade Paramushiro now with the fleet occupied elsewhere."

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