Item #2059 Secretarial Signed Land Grant. Ulysses S. Grant.

Secretarial Signed Land Grant

Washington DC: August 25, 1875. 16" x 10", Partially printed document, secretarially signed, with distinct similarity to authentic signature, by D[avid] D. Cone. Bright red seal of the Land Office, affixed to lower left with two clipped teeth. Document is previously folded into sixths, leaving a shadow impression of the seal on the opposite side of the document. Frontier scene printed on top left corner. Grant's secretary is paracticed at the President's signature which is an accurate re-creation.

160 acres of land in Susanville, CA is deeded to Newlin Littlefield. Little is recorded about Littlefield, other than he was a hard scrabble frontier pioneer who lost several wives to the challenging life on the western frontier. Near fine. Item #2059

Price: $225.00

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