Item #193 Autograph Letter Signed. Julia D. Grant.

Autograph Letter Signed

December 7, 1889. ALS handwritten in full. 9" x 7.75" note paper folded in half for writing, folded again for sending. Excellent firm writing in black ink. Pages bordered in black, likely as a show of mourning for her brother, Col. John Cromwell Dent who had died on January 1, 1889. Verso has the word 'petition' in blue pencil and discoloration around and below the verso fold.

Julia Boggs Dent Grant (January 26, 1826 - December 14, 1902) was the 18th First Lady of the United States and wife of Ulysses S. Grant. They were married in August 1848 and had four children together. In her later years, when she was in D. C., she became the doyen and mentor to First Ladies Cleveland, Harrison and Roosevelt. Fine. Item #193

"S. E. 66th / New York / Dec 7th 89 / Mr. Loveland / Dear Sir Thanking you for the kind wishes expressed in you note and for the prompt attention to my petition. I am sincerely J D Grant"
William A. H. Loveland was a Railroad Baron, Lt. Gov. of Colorado, and Evangelical leader. Given President Grant's role in the Transcontinental Railroad, it would not be uncertain that there was a social or lobbyist interaction between them.

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