Manuscript Legal Document of Bankrupts; In Commission for William Stone. 2nd Earl Bathurst Henry Bathurst.
Manuscript Legal Document of Bankrupts; In Commission for William Stone

Manuscript Legal Document of Bankrupts; In Commission for William Stone

23" x 27", 1 pp., fully manuscript, vellum document with three "VI Pence" stamps, red signature wax seals, docketed on the rear by Vaughn. Top two corners clipped, horizontal tear at bottom center, two (pinned) holes in top left corner, several small tears along center fold, none of which interers with the excellent beureaucratic hand of the document. Content: Commission of Bankruptcy for Willam Stone, "We whose hands and seals are hereunto subscribed and set being the major part of the commissions named and authorized in and by a Commission of bankruptcy awarded and issued against William Stone of Somerset Street, Portman Square in parish of Saint Mary le Bone in County of Middleak, bearing date at administer the seventeeth day of January in eighteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third"; "We the creditors of the above named William Stone whose Names or marks are hereunto subscribed", followed by the signatures of fellow citizens twelve (12) likely creditors of Stone. Document signed and endorsed by
The Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain: Henry Bathurst.

Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl Bathurst (May 1714 – Aug 1794), was also known as The Lord Apsley. He had a distinguished career as a British lawyer and politician eventually rising to Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain from 1771 to 1778. In January 1774 he was instrumental in writing the Intolerable Acts which he supported in parliament and the courts, most notably the Boston Port Act which gave rise to the Boston Tea Party and revolution. King George III held faith with Bathurst as the Speaker for the House of Lords. The 2nd earl's letters show he was kindly man with a reserved temperament. He was good patrician master taking care of his workers, he paid more than most employers, and ensured they saw a doctor if necessary. Very good. Item #1574

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