Item #122 Signature. Thomas Wharton.


SIGNATURE "Thom. Wharton, Chman", a Pennsylvania merchant and politician during the Revolutionary War era, served as the first President of Pennsylvania after the Declaration of Independence was signed. Like many other Colonial merchants, Wharton joined boycotts in protest of the 1765 Stamp Act and the 1767 Townshend Acts. On May 20, 1774, Wharton was chosen as a member of the Committee of Correspondence and later was one of the twenty-five who formed the Committee of Safety, Pennsylvania's governing body in the early days of the Revolution. On July 24, 1776, he became president of that body and helped draft the state's new constitution, which was adopted on September 28, 1776. Wharton died in 1778.

Very nice, scarce signature with the title of Chairman. Signature is on rag paper laid down to part of an album page. Expected toning. Item #122

Price: $250.00

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