Fifteen (15) U. S. Government Publications

Washington DC: 1812 - 1961. 5.25" x 8,5", most disbound from larger compilations, binding remnants including string and glue, 1 pamphlet bound with staples. All are in G+ to VG condition, older ones with some age toning and foxing, several with uncut edges, Collectively a broad range of conduct at the Federal Government level.

[A] 1812, October 16, The Speech of His Excellency Governor Strong, Delivered Before the Legislature of Massachusetts, with The Documents, Russell and Cutler, Boston, 36 pp.
[B] 1820, November 15, Message from the President of The United States to Both Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the Second Session of the Sixteenth Congress, Gales & Seaton, Washington D. C., James Monroe, 8 pp.
[C] 1841, September 29, Correspondence Relating to the Case of James W. Grogan, Governor S. H. Jenison to Secretary of State Hon. D. Webster, 32 pp.
[D] 1841, December 4, Report of The Secretary of the Navy, A. P. Upshur, 99pp.
[E] 1841, December 13, Report from the Secretary of the Navy, Transmitting a statement of the expenditures from the contingent fund of the Navy for the year ending 30th September, 1841, A. P. Upshur, Thomas Allen printer, 27th Congress, 2nd Session, 16pp.
[F]1850, February 13, Securities of Samuel H. Bunch, Laid upon the table. Ho. of Reps., Rep. No. 98, 31st Congress, 1st Session, 10 pp.
[G] 1851, March 3, Post Road From Fort Smith To San Diego., Mr. H. R. Stanton, from the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, House of Reps., 31st Congress, 2nd Session, 16 pp.
[H] 1851, February 10, Report of The Secretary of War, Communicating, In compliance with a resolution of the Senate, Colonel McCall’s reports in relation to New Mexico, Ex. Doc. No. 26, 31st Congress, 2d Session, 23 pp.
[I] 1852, July 30, Report of the Secretary of the Treasury recommending repeal of the acts of the 13th July, 1832, and 30th June, 1834, concerning tonnage duty on Spanish vessels, Rep. Com. No. 318, 32nd Congress, 1st Session, In the Senate of the United States, 8 pp., 45 pp.
[J] 1860, December 4, Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the Second Session of the Thirty-Sixth Congress., George W. Bowman, Washington, D. C., 28 pp.
[K] 1875, February 25, 1875, Letter from The Secretary of the Treasury, to the Chairman of the Committee on Commerce in Relation to Senate bill 1102, to promote efficiency of the Light House service., 43D Congress, 2d Session, 16 pp.
[L] 1877, October 12, Report of the Government Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad for the Year Ending June 30, 1977, Washington, D. C., 16 pp.
[M] 1888, January 17, Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Transmitting an estimate from the Secretary of the Interior of appropriation for survey and allotting Indian reservations current fiscal year, for pay of special agents and necessary expenses, Ex. Doc. No. 105, 50th Congress, 1st Session, 4 pp.
[N] 1913, December 11, Speech of Hon. A. W. Lafferty of Oregon in the House of Representatives, A Battle which shall not continue to be fought in the dark, because members of Congress and Senators will defy the press, and send facts directly to their constituents, 16 pp.
[O] 1961, March 8, A Chronology of Missile and Astronautic Events, Report of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, 87th Congress, First Session, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 189 pp. Item #1124

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