The Wanting of Levine. Michael Halberstam.
The Wanting of Levine

The Wanting of Levine

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippencott, March 1979. Berkley Edition. Paperback. SIGNED "Ted Kennedy" on front color page. The book has been joyfully read with the associated scuff and crease and bend. But it is always fun when a public figure like the "Lion of the Senate" associates himself with a wink of the eye to endorse a fun read. Guess who's running for president...I'll give you a hint...he's Jewish. Good. Item #109

"There was talk of getting someone great, someone dramatic for Vice-president, but Levine stopped it. 'Its going to be Seator Milwood. He's a good man, he can run the country if he has to, but basically he's not a president and he knows it. You can't have all-star politics any more than you can have an all-star night-club act. Someone has to be the topliner." (p 274).

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