An Archive of 21 HLS and 3 TLS Between Author and Publisher; [Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Region of the Great Lakes (2 Vols. 1911-12), Jesuit Relations, Philippine Islands]

Madison, WI: Arthur H Clark Company, 1897 - 1911. A mix of page sizes from note cards to 8.5" x 11", mostly of personally written letters (14 HLS / 25 pp.) from Blair to Clark, Included in this collection is a holographic letter from Frederick J. Turner, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1933. Turner was given preface credit in "Indian Tribes". Also included is a personal note from Clark to Blair, 3 HLS from a friend of Blair after her death and 3 HLS from her brother (T. B.) as executor of her estate. Letters are very good to fine, with some editorial marks in pencil and pinning at the top of multiple page letters. Comprises a historical collection of letters from one of America's heroines of historical letters and her working relationship with one of America's foremost publishers of first person history.

Emma Helen Blair (Sep 12, 1851 - Sep 25, 1911) was perhaps the most remarkable woman from Wisconsin up to the time of her death. In 1894 she resigned from the library staff of the Wisconsin Historical Society and began work as chief assistant to Dr. Reuben Gold Thwaites in editing and annotating the "Jesuit Relations", a stupendous historical undertaking of seventy-three volumes. Her ability to speak both French and Spanish aided in the process immensely. After completion she assisted in the editing of the journal of Father Louis Hennepin and then the original journals of Lewis and Clark. In 1903 she began editing of "The Philippine Islands 1493-1898" which appeared in fifty-five volumes. Her collaborator in this undertaking was the historian and archivist, Dr. James A. Robertson. Her final, and very collectible book "Indian Tribes" was published by Clark

The first letter in this collection is dated 3/28/1897 reference Vol. X of JR and the last dated 1/15/1911, an author/publisher relationship of 24 years. This project was visualized by Clark as a new employee at Burrows Brothers. He traveled to Wisconsin to propose it to Thwaites and he acceded to the idea. Needing assistance he turned to Blair. Clark's relationship with Thwaites and Blair on the Jesuit Relations resulted in a long and profitable relationship amongst the three. These letters indicate that Arthur Clark got a copy of her final book, "Indian Tribes" into her hands just days before she died, attested by friends in these letters to be the final joy in her life. In this work she included a translation from the French, the celebrated Memoir of Nicolas Perrot's book on the habits and customs of the American Indian. Fine. Item #1010

In the Preface of the final Volume 72, Thwaites writes, "In singling for especial mention Miss Emma Helen Blair the Assistant Editor, he believes that her colleagues willunanimously agree that such distinction is deserved. To Mis Blair's abilities, judgment, and capacity for research, as daily exhibited throughout her five and a half years of faithful devotion to the task, is owing a generous share to whatever credit this edition may hope to win."

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